SFH Education

Arts workshops that inspire and uplift youth, educators, and local communities. Sing For Hope creates dynamic art programs that serve students in K-12. With the support of the NYC Department of Education, Los Angeles Unified School District, and The United Nations, we bring our programs to YOU.

“Don’t Throw Away Your Shot”

An award-winning musical that empowers students to be future vaccine decision-makers. It encourages students to have conversations that build confidence in the vaccination process. Don’t Throw Away Your Shot represents theater as a powerful device to inform, engage, and challenge audience points of view.

HandaHarmony at the United Nations

The HandaHarmony initiative harnesses youth creativity as drivers of the Sustainable Development Goals. For the third consecutive year, our students performed at the UN High-Level Political Forum. In one of the world’s most important diplomatic assemblies, our students are the voice of the youth in conversations of social change. Our global initiative proves the key role of global youth in the UN Decade of Action. 

HandaHarmony is an official partner of UNICEF and the International Foundation for Arts and Culture. We dedicate ourselves in moving the youth at the center of global social change.  

Career in the Arts

Sing for Hope’s Careers in the Arts launched as a response to the pandemic, and the isolation it brought to many high school students. This art series is an online resource that connects students with art leaders via Zoom. Our guests discuss different career paths and the many ways that art can transform lives. The program served an estimated 500 students from school districts across the US. Some of the guests include Hadestown star Kimberly Marable, producer and composer Alicia Hall Moran, Broadway stage manager Glynn David Turner, and SFH Co-Founders Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora.

Sing For Hope Young Art’s Lab

Sing For Hope Young Art’s Lab serves middle and high school students in the US affected by the COVID-19. Among that was hardest hit by the pandemic was The Bronx and Southern Westchester County. SFH, in partnership with Amani Public Charter School, curated many daily in-school and after-school classes. These include African drumming, theater, music production, jazz and Afro-pop band, and dance. Even under strict safety protocols, SFH YAA Lab served a total of 70 youth with in-person daily classes. That number has since grown, serving upwards of 400 students daily.

50 Pianos in 50 Schools

Each year, public schools compete to become a Sing for Hope Citizen Artist School. Only 50 schools will receive a Sing For Hope Piano and our Citizen Artist Curriculum. Our special program helps teachers empower students to use creativity in driving social change. This includes a Citizen Artist Opening Assembly featuring our world-class Artist Partners, and a monthly online teacher resource guide. Above all, the opportunity to host extra workshops led by Sing for Hope Artist Partners throughout the year. All made possible by our special partnership with the NYC Department of Education.